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Paleo Diet | Revolutionary Food Approach


The Paleo Diet is a dietary style Also used by BodyBuilders

: What is and how does the paleo diet that has been spreading in our country in recent years work? The simple meaning is: to eat like in the paleolithic. That is, the philosophy on which we support is that our diet should return to being that of primitive men. The benefits? More health, less fat, less cellulite: mass overweight is a modern problem, unknown in the Paleolithic. The watchword of the paleo diet: "natural". Our ancestors ate what they found at their disposal: berries and fruits, vegetables, hunted meat, fish caught and no fine flours and no sweets. Junk food and industrial products were not a threat, they simply did not exist. The Paleo diet was created by Loren Cordain, a nutritionist from the University of Colorado who was passionate about nutrition in the Palaeolithic era. The men of the Stone Age lived mainly on hunting and fishing, they did not yet practise agriculture or breeding and fed only on meat, berries, fruit and vegetables, or what they could get during the day by hunting and harvesting. Even today, according to those who promote this diet, we should follow a diet of this kind. We would all be programmed, like our ancestors, to eat animal proteins in particular, as well as vegetables and fruit.
Paleo Diet: The Paleo Diet is based on the idea that even modern men should eat as they did in the distant past, not only to ensure their weight shape but also to maintain their health.

The advantages of the paleo diet

: This style of eating is not based so much on calorie counting, nor does it prescribe specific amounts of food, but nevertheless helps to slim down. The secret is soon said: it is a real lifestyle that aims to get closer to the true nature of man, so it considers physical exercise fundamental, to build the lean mass with constant walks in the open air in the daylight hours, because current life leads to a desynchronization of our biological clock compared to the rhythms of nature. Eating like primitives means understanding the balances that have kept our species alive for millions of years without drugs, and trying to bring us back, as far as possible, to that style.

The paleo diet reactivates your metabolism

The Paleo Diet reactivates your metabolism: The paleofa diet lose weight because it determines a reduction in the inflammatory state of the body, which brings with it a reactivation of metabolism. Natural foods nourish with fewer calories and have a greater purifying power. According to the paleo diet, our body is made to use as energy sources also fats and proteins, foods that quickly stop hunger. The modern diet, on the other hand, rich in carbohydrates, bypasses these mechanisms. That's why it's easy to overdo it eating bread and pasta: our body is not predisposed to say "stop" to these foods.

Typical day menu of the paleo diet

  1. You don't need to always adopt the paleo diet day by day, but you can take what's good he proposes, following it for one or two days a week. The main meals must always contain a quota of carbohydrates (fruit/vegetables), fats (oils, dried fruit) and proteins (meat, fish, eggs). Recipes are simple.
  2. For the Paleolithic diet, breakfast must consist mainly of fat and protein. These two nutrients also serve to regulate the hormones of satiety throughout the day. A plate of eggs and ham (of high quality) and/or a smoothie of coconut and avocado and dried fruit.
  3. At lunch you can eat a fish fillet (about 200 g) with vegetables at will and a fruit. For the evening, a chicken breast with half a sweet potato and a few pieces of pumpkin.

Paleo Diet the expert's opinion

Paleo Diet the expert's opinion: We asked Enrica Bovio, a nutritionist biologist and molecular biologist, for her opinion on the Paleo diet. That's what she told us. The Paleolithic diet, known also by other names as paleo diet or cave diet, assumes a return to a diet prior to the introduction of agriculture and breeding, therefore given by the activities of hunting, fishing and harvesting. This diet would be the one for which man was 'programmed' in the Palaeolithic and would still be valid (neglecting a few thousand years of genetic, technological and cultural changes). According to the supporters of the Paleo diet, it would be necessary to return to a more primitive menu.

What foods are granted and what foods are prohibited?

Basically you can eat vegetables, fruit, lean meat, fish, crustaceans, molluscs, eggs, dried fruit, spices, seeds, sometimes are granted different types of oils, tea and coffee but not in all variations of this diet. There are also foods that can be consumed more sporadically such as dehydrated fruit, cuts of fatter meat, potatoes, honey. Among the banned foods we finally have all kinds of cereals, legumes and all dairy products, sugar, salt, canned foods and in general processed foods and alcohol. These exclusions are due to the 'belief' that these products are harmful to health and if we talk about sugar, salt, alcohol the main guidelines for proper nutrition indicate to limit their use. In this diet, however, we also eliminate fundamental components for our diet such as cereals, legumes, milk and derivatives, whose role is very important in other diets based on solid scientific bases such as the DASH diet and the Mediterranean.

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