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Atkins Diet | It's a High Protein Diet


The Atkins diet is a dietary regime that has arrived in Italy and Europe from the United States

: The Atkins diet is a dietary regime that has arrived in Italy and Europe from the United States. It is one of the "extreme" dietary approaches and therefore has not been slow to trigger heated discussions about possible health consequences. Fats and proteins are the primary sources of calories for the Atkins diet, which neglects and minimizes the consumption of energy sources derived from carbohydrates. It promises to lose up to 4 kilos after the first week and 6 kilos per month once it is up and running. A nonsense for those accustomed to the Mediterranean Diet, defined by the UN as an intangible heritage of humanity.

The stages of the Atkins Diet

The complete Atkins diet programme consists of four different phases: induction, continuation, pre-maintenance and maintenance. The first part has an optimal duration of two weeks, while the following must be modulated according to the progress achieved and your metabolism.
Atkins Diet: Atkins Diet, the complete program and possible health risks of the dietary regime from the USA.

Opinions Against the Atkins Diet on Merit

: Various studies have shown that the weight loss achievable with the Atkins diet, or with other high calorie diets, is not actually greater than that achievable with other types of diets, based on reduced calorie intake. Diets with a high protein content and a low carbohydrate content can induce ketosis, a metabolic disorder in which, due to the lowering of blood glucose levels, excess ketone substances are formed which can contribute to a variety of disorders: loss of calcium, with an increased risk of osteoporosis, increased risk of kidney stones. The typical Atkins diet menus also contain a certain amount of saturated fat, low fibre content and a reduced intake of vitamins. Therefore, an additional intake of these nutrients is recommended.

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