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Anti Inflammatory Diet | Healthy to Prevent Degenerative Diseases


The Anti-infammatory Diet: The Food Model To Heal From Within

: Anti Inflammatory Diet is not one of the classic slimming diets, so you won't find it easily in magazines. It is in fact a diet that does not aim to lose weight, but aims to reduce the inflammatory state of the body. It is therefore suitable in particular pathological conditions where there is an inflammatory mechanism such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and obesity. However, since it is based on some simple advice, it can be adopted by all those interested in the welfare of their bodies. Today our dietitian Anna Gerbaldo will help us to understand which foods are the right ones and how to follow this diet. Inflammation is a defensive response of the body to external attacks, a normal reaction of the immune system. The problem arises when the situation lasts for a long time and becomes chronic over time. This phenomenon is known as chronic low-grade inflammation and can accelerate the processes of cellular aging and promote the development of degenerative diseases, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Stress, lack of exercise, genetic predisposition and exposure to toxins (such as smoking) can contribute to the development of chronic inflammation, but diet also plays an important role. The aim of the Anti Inflammatory Diet is to reduce inflammation and prevent or treat the resulting diseases. The basis is very similar to that of the Mediterranean diet, in fact this diet emphasizes the consumption of fish, vegetables, fruit and olive oil. It contains high amounts of antioxidants, molecules that can reduce free radicals (which can damage cells and increase the risk of certain diseases).
Anti inflammatory Diet: The anti-inflammatory diet is a dietary model aimed at minimizing chronic inflammation, held by the authors responsible for many degenerative diseases. It was developed by Andrew Weil, a Harvard graduate physician, a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine.

Under what conditions is the anti inflammatory diet useful?

: The anti inflammatory diet provides a daily energy intake of 2-3 thousand calories, depending on sex, height and level of physical activity. The recommended macronutrient breakdown is 40-50% carbohydrate, 30% fat, and 20-30% protein, possibly trying to maintain this breakdown at each meal. It can be used in many situations such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, Crohn's disease, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, lupus and Hashimoto's disease. As for the quality aspect of the anti inflammatory diet, it is based on the Mediterranean diet, with the addition of some foods such as green tea and dark chocolate. It is also recommended to habitually consume foods rich in omega 3 fats, and taking a supplement of omega 3 fats if you do not take fatty fish (wild salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring ) at least twice a week. Weil recommends choosing sources of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables); it also recommends limiting the consumption of saturated fats by preferring sources of vegetable fats rather than animal ones. Trans fats are banned from the diet. Other protein sources to be preferred are dairy products (yoghurt and cheese) and legumes (especially soya). According to Weil it is very important to avoid food contamination, trying to avoid foods potentially rich in pesticides, and to drink only water purified from chlorine and chloramine.

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