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Alkaline Diet | So You Can Reduce Excess Acidity


Alkaline Diet: Definitely the Best Diet in the World

: "We are what we eat." This famous quote from the philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach tells us that food not only represents the raw material that makes up our body, but also influences the physiology of the entire organism. The chemistry of our vital fluids is strongly influenced by the foods we choose to eat. Cells, tissues, organs, systems and apparatus work best when the ph is basic.  The human body, in fact, is made to be slightly alkaline (i.e. basic), in a range of ph ranging from 7.1 to 7.5 (with an optimal value between 7.39 and 7.41). Normal physiological activities, as well as the intake of certain foods, determine an acidic environment. How can we bring our bodies back to the right pH? Easy, all you have to do is feed yourself properly, preferring alkaline foods rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium. We must bear in mind that a diet that abounds in meat and industrial products is the most acidifying and should therefore be avoided (or in any case greatly reduced) in favour of a plant-based diet. The right daily balance is given by the intake of 70% of basic foods, 20% of acidic foods and 10% of neutral foods.
Alkaline Diet: Therefore, they are at risk of acidosis, so it may be useful to follow, at least for a period, an alkaline diet.

The importance of the alkaline diet: cures and prevents diseases

: cures and prevents diseases: An acidic environment predisposes to the formation of inflammations, to the lowering of the immune system and, in general, to a state of psychophysical discomfort. On the contrary, maintaining an alkaline pH helps to prevent (and in some cases also to treat) many disorders and diseases. Thanks to a diet in which basic substances are preferred, it is possible to prevent the onset of both common problems such as overweight and water retention, and more complex diseases such as diabetes and cancer. The alkaline diet also counteracts free radicals, thus limiting cellular aging and can prevent osteoporosis (when our pH is too acid the body is forced to absorb calcium from the bones). By carefully choosing our daily meals and snacks, we can avoid the onset of inflammation and disease.

The alkaline diet assumes that our organism is a perfect machine that needs balance to function well. To achieve this, according to this theory, it is good to act on the body's pH, usually overloaded by excessive acidity, bringing it back to the right levels (ie slightly alkaline ones) to prevent healthy cells from degenerating or the immune system gives the possibility to germs and bacteria to proliferate.

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